12 October 2010

Why a Guy would want to remain a Guy

I have been following Nupur's blog since quite sometime. Recently she re-posted an old post Why a Guy Would Want to be a Girl. 

This is what I have to say that 'Why a Guy would want to remain a Guy'. My post is not as exhaustive as her's for the simple reason, that guys are minimalistic and most guys will swear by the points mentioned below.

  • We don't care a shit about sophistication.
  • We don't have to wear MAKE UP to look good. A simple grooming session of shaving, bathing, decent clothing and perfume suffices
  • In terms of choices for Clothes, life is simple for us.
  • For us there are only 7 basic (rainbow) colours in the world. Peach is and will always be a fruit!

  • We love to FART. (till we die and every MAN swears by its entertainment value) 

  • We enjoy BURPING (and can compete during any life stage to enjoy ourselves)

And the Best for the Last
  • We can scratch WHEREVER and WHENEVER and  it itches!
Even James Bond does it! 


  1. bang on...

    but you forgot to mention

    * we can sleep almost ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

  2. @Ananda: That's a gift that only "YOU" have :P

  3. not at all. we have observed thousands of people dozing off in buses, trains, during religious ceremonies, weddings, functions, class rooms....even while making out (i kid not)....and i can guarantee for a fact that a majority of them have been the Male gender.

  4. @Ananda: Sleeping while making out !!! Bad, that guy sure must have had a lot of sex :P that's why he slept!

  5. Arey Awesome dude.....For sure I just wanna remain a guy for all these fantastic reasons...
    loved the BOND Part even he does it....and I agree to Ananda...that's a gift....

  6. @Mustafa: If you think of anymore, add :)in the comments :)

  7. @Aamir: I don't think I must have laughed so hard for a long time. I loved the part where you find entertainment value in farting. Kudos to your wit!

  8. @Aamir: or maybe he was just too tired after two days of foreplay...
    @Mustafa: a gift it is then...

  9. @Mihir: The purpose was served :)
    @Ananda- :P

  10. The Number 1 Advantage that we guys have is that we can Pee while Standing!!! ....... that is like the holy grail of being a man!!

  11. @Nashfi: How did I miss that???? Kudos to you to mention that :)

  12. Earlier i would often wish to be a guy atleast for a day........BUT after reading the above post i surely want to be a girl forever...............

    N how can you forget the Biggest advantage of being a guy 'No one bothers to ask you-where are you going, with whom, what time you will be back n why are you late?'

  13. @Shagufta: Those are the minor things and are applicable only to the Indian context! I was talking from a universal perspective!

  14. I am sorry for being late....thanks to the lovely comp lab which didn't allow me to post my comment earlier!!
    Anyways, A girl wouldn't want to be a guy for only for point no 1...farting/burping/scratching is all an offset of not being sophisticated!! And, BTW, girls hate guys who scratch, and there is one particular person in clg who does tht and trust me none of the girls talk to him!!! you also missed peeing anywhere, whenever you want!! THe world is really your toilet! And guys really don't know hot to pee.....have you ever seen our ladies loo stink??! But your gents loo stinks always!! We can't ever have water without wanting to throw up!!

    @ Nashfi : Why stand and pee when you can sit and pee?!?!? Why trouble your hamstrings by standing!!

  15. See all guys scratch. Most guys do it unabashedly...sm guys do it pvtly...n yes we know that girls dont like it..