30 October 2010

Why Women Want Commitment And Men Dread It ???

In a relationship the woman wants commitment and the man dreads from the big ‘C’ (commitment). There are a lot of ‘relationship experts’ who have hundreds of cure for men to turn from commitment-phobic to commitment devotee, but none works. The men have just one problem with the women, that is, commitment.

Commitment to one woman doesn’t exist in a man’s dictionary! We men are admirers of ‘women’, not ‘a woman’, though there are some exceptions where the man commits himself to a woman right from the start. The majority of the men, however, just accept sticking to one woman, quite late.

Men are labeled dogs because they hop from one woman to another time and again. We are pure admirers of beauty; we just can’t resist the womankind. Besides, if the man leaves a woman for another woman, then the woman should blame the woman! Competition is always there. It’s not the man’s fault! We are weak creatures. We are either in search of new adventures (men who actively search for new women) or just plain curious (when a woman approaches us).

Anyway, enough of this stupid justification! Why are men the way they are? Why are women the way they are? I have a simple answer!

A girl grows up to be a woman with stories of a (mark it’s ‘a’) prince charming on a white horse who will sweep her off the feet and they’ll live happily ever after in their magical kingdom. Right?

The story for the boys is a little twisted!

A boy grows up to be a man with stories of Casanova stealing the hearts of so many women. (Please mark, its ‘women’) For a man, Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder) is the ultimate MAN!!! (For obvious reasons – Playboy mansion full of young girls strutting in their birthday suits!!! It can’t better than this) Men all over the world are just proud of Mr. Hef for living an ultimate man’s life! FYI, he is 80 and currently has 6 Playboy bunnies as his girlfriends with an average age of less than 20!
So you see, the basic psychology towards the opposite gender is completely opposite! Women want one man and men can’t think of being with just one!

So men and women, lets not blame each other! Let’s blame the society for putting stories into our head which messes us up. (: p)


  1. AGREE "WOMEN" Want Commitment and "MEN" since ages Dread It....

    But in my opinion women WANTED commitment as they always wanted a safe and secured life mostly after marriage, as women till recent times were dependent on men because women would take care of the house and men would earn a living for the family. But trends have changed women are much more confident and independent and hence don't have to dependent on men.

    Also u r absolutely right when u say "men are pure admirers of beauty" as they only look for beauty with NO brains because if men were to go behind beauty with brains (a rare combination which men believe women have) i think the case would be reverse i.e. A MAN wanting a Commitment from the lady.

    Yes also agree that men wish to be "A Casanova" right from the time they are toddlers or even born (remember the last scene in the movie HUM TUM (if i'm not wrong)) and wish to be a "C" till they die or a Lady charmer forever.

    Well i wouldn't like to call Men - Dogs (i guess an insult to the most faithful animal) but would like to call women of Today as "bees" who r now wandering from flower to flower in search of Nectar....


  2. You shall get the reply to this in a forthcoming blogpost from me..... you've just invited a feminist's wrath for yourself! Beware!
    P.S: I'm currently doing a victory dance.... finally men admitted, We are weak creatures!!!

  3. @Meher: This was supposed to be a funny post...dont get all charged up :p ... btw...FYI.. Dogs are loyal, they are not faithful (they have many partners in their lifetime...thats why we are called dogs. There's a diff between loyal and faithful. Wolves are faithful...they just have one partner in their lifetime!)

    @nupur: Good, i could provide some fodder for the post. I take that as a compliment :)
    Yes, I have told u once during chat that men indeed are weaker, they are only physically stronger, that too not always!
    I'm not ashamed to admit that and admitting it makes me a better man :)

  4. hey aamir,

    Don't worry i know it was a funny post n i didn't even get charged up.In fact i enjoyed it.
    But yes i agree women do want commitment which i my opinion doesn't make any sense as we don't know what's gonna happen next minute and women want a commitment for life.That's really absurd...
    Also i'm not a "female chauvinist".I believe everybody has certain strengths n weaknesses and if one is proud about his/her strengths then one should also be able to accept his/her weaknesses also easily.

    By the way THANK YOU for elaborating the difference between "Faithful" and "Loyal" (LoL)


  5. WTF....What a shit load.....What the hell is happening to you...Dude we don't discuss all this in Public...I mean you trying to teach a species "French" who don't even know to talk...
    Do you think it will have any affects on the FEMALE Fraternity....ahhhh....I feel so so so so sorry for you bro...

  6. @Mustafa: I can say with some pride,

    I tried to explain,
    So what if it was in vain!

  7. @ Aamir & Mustufa : Excuse me!!!

  8. I don't remember reading this post, but it is very entertaining. Kudos!