15 October 2010

Driving with the brakes on!

You want to drive at full speed. You have a Ferrari at your disposal. You are in the driver's seat. You switch on the ignition, shift the gears and accelerate. But the brakes are on! Vroooom??? Naaaaa! No matter how hard you press the accelerator, you aren't going to move ahead. 

The above illustration will explain you a quote I remember. It's a quote which is ingrained in my memory because  it is philosophical. The quote goes...

Going through life with a conscience is like driving your car with the brakes on

Now recollect some of the 'achievers' that you have read about or know. They have  twisted their morals and values to move ahead in society. Be it  businessmen, sportsmen, performers, artists, etc. etc. etc. 

Some business examples which are publicly quoted are Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (who allegedly cheated 3 of his Harvard seniors Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winkevoss and Divya Narendra by misleading them into believing that he would help them build a social network called HarvardConnection.com, while he was instead using their ideas to build a competing product, i.e. Facebook)   

Think of the people in your social circle who have made it 'big in life' but are always talked about how they 'worked their way around'. 

I do not say everybody does it. I say most of the people choose to do it because it's the easy way to rise up the (economic and/or social ) ladder! 

Because of this thing called conscience I have lost few friends because I 'came out clean' to them after a fuck up. Looking at it the other way, I think, maybe, they were never friends at all!

Conscience will help you to be a good human being and will let you have good people around you. It won't help you to make money or rise the ladder in the society we live in. So choose what you want to be. 

To be very candid, I for one want to be a twisted guy, but I can't be! I'm still confused what to choose (because of my conscience. Probably!)


  1. Life in today's world is an ugly competitive race. Everybody wants to go ahead in life but the important question is at what cost???

    Life waits for no one, it goes on and in a lifetime we meet several people some good (i.e. having a clear conscience) and others having a different ideology, but the question one needs to ask oneself is whether the person wants to be honest and upfront or allow anything and everything so as to be in the good books of many.

    I might sound philosophical but for me having a clear conscience is of utmost importance. I prefer to have few but honest people so that even i can get positive vibes from them which in turn will help me be a good human ( i'm a bit selfish in this aspect i.e. i don't want to be a saint but a good human being). My definition of a good human being is, one who may not be able to help many or even a few but at the same time is not the reason for someone's pain.

    I believe everyone has to die some day and when i die should not be afraid to face my death. Only a person with a clear conscience and a pure soul can die peacefully and i wish to be one of this sect.

    Well this is my opinion or my way of looking at life.

  2. @rizvi08india: Fantastic comment yaar... But may I know your name..as u r someone from Rizvi, I think we can be acquainted :)

  3. Believe me Aamir, a clear conscience really helps in sleeping peacefully at night...

  4. @Altamash: I know, that's why I sleep like a log. Wish my dad sees this...lolzz...he'll see the good part of me sleeping :p