29 October 2010

Gujjus Rock !!!

If there is a community that laughs on itself, it is the Gujjus! They have a heart as big as their pockets and as refined as their insatiable taste buds.

Nupur, who blogs about them is a Gujju herself. She has written extensively on the irritating habits of the community and how she dislikes the habits. But I feel, Gujjus all over the world need to be saluted for their valour, for facing constant criticisms!

• Yes, they are loud!
• Yes, they have a funny twang which can even be identified by the aliens! Sample this - Eminem kya rape (rap) karta hai?
• Yes, the men wear such clothes that Govinda seems like a style icon!
• Yes, their food is sweet, including bitter gourd (karela)!
• Yes, they TALK TOO MUCH, including the men!

But, that's their USP. Al Ries and Jack Trout said 'Differentiate or Die', the Gujjus knew it before marketing gurus like Ries and Trout! Think about it! At any given chance, we can spot a Gujju correctly 90% of the time with the help of their cues, a few of which I stated above. [ Click here for an extensive list by Nupur (I'm waiting for the goody bag for publicising you :P ) ] That's what makes them so special.

You can't ignore them, they are everywhere!!! EVERYWHERE you go! I remember going to Matheran with a friend, and more than 80% of the visitors there, were Gujjus! How do I know for sure? Simple. They talk everywhere they go, in Gujju and LOUDLY!

They are an innately funny people. I don't know whether they know this or not. Let me give you a small proof how funny they are.

"Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmaa" is rated the best comedy show since 2 years (!!!!!) and viewers find Daya bhabhi just awesome. (I hardly watch TV so I could just seen 2-3 episodes ever since the show is on air. Daya bhabhi truly rocks)

A family full of dazed, stupid and moronic people, with no common sense made us laugh for 2 seasons. Remember Hansaa and Praful from "Khichdi". Damn! They were stupid but we loved them because they were Gujjus. They were so good that their presence was sorely missed and they were exalted to the silver screen recently.

And how many times have we seen the re-runs of "Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai"? Do I have to say the words?

Kal Ho Naa Ho had an entire Gujju sequence in the movie, which I have heard, is often played at Gujju get togethers and weddings! Also, picture the sequence where Satish Shah, playing Saif Ali Khan's father takes him to a strip club and when Saif asks "Papppaa, suu karuu che?" and Shah replies, "Naangii ladki jo-uu che!" Who can be funny even in a strip club? Gujjus!

Kareena Kapoor in the biggest Indian blockbuster 3 Idiots immortalized their snacks. (Remember, Tum Gujarati kitne sweet hotay ho naa! Par tumhare khaane ke naam itne ajeeb kyun hotay hain? Khakdaa, Faafda. Aaj Bush ne Iraq par dhoklay gira diye...lol)

I say, Gujjus are fun and second to none :)

P.S.: Nupur, what do you have to say? (: P)


  1. For the first time in my life, I had a smile on my face reading about Gujjus! The reason I joke on Gujjus is precisely because we're the only people who can laugh at ourselves!! And the goodie bag I'm supposed to give you has been nullified by the goodie bag you're supposed to give me! See, this proves that I do have Gujju genes in me!!!
    p.s.: Its khakra....not khakda!!!

  2. You missed your heavily accented GUJJU fraaaand. Bahu saras che!! :-)

  3. @Nupur: Oye! how did the goodie bag get nullify???
    Sorry for the spelling mistake :P

    @Rushabh: Saras toh che dikraa!!!

  4. Didn't you owe me a goodie bag for the encouragement and the blog tips ;-)

  5. Nice one....SARAS....Why don't you write a RAPE Song???
    Just a suggeschon ho....don't take it too personally....Nakar Bina magaj na.....

  6. @Nupur: this can't be nullified. I 'publicised ' you :p

    @Mustafa: hehehe ;)

    @Amit: Thenk Yu

  7. hehehehe.........very nicely written.......gujju really rocks.......e bapu kisiko pata bhi nahi chalega