30 October 2012

A Difference in Ambitions

Absence of a worldly ambition doesn't mean an absence of ambition. Ambitions are different. Some people want to be rock-stars  and some, choose to stay happy and peaceful. Too bad personal happiness and peace is misinterpreted as ‘no fire in the belly’ or being ambition-less  This materialistic world loves ‘go-getters’. And that’s the problem with this world; there’s too much of going and ‘getting’ things for yourself. Till the time one doesn't ‘get’ things, one is not an ‘achiever’.

To this world I ask, “Why do you label ‘go-givers’ ambition-less,  weak, under-achievers or failures?” Is it because they don’t fit a bill accepted by the majority? Or is it the fear that this minority of an aberration will shatter your illusive world? 

It hurts that go-givers are never noticed. It hurts that go-givers are considered ambition-less  It hurts that go-givers are sidelined.

Very few times the go-givers are forced to show their truth to the world. But I say, it is worthless do so. Because the world has blindly, voluntarily and without offering any thought, castrated itself to incapability to understand their stance.

When the focus is on getting, giving becomes an unviable option.

A deviation exists to question the majority of its conscience and thought. There is no way it can be silenced. Anomalies are wonderful. If you can’t celebrate anomalies, at least don’t squash it.

And to the world, I dare say, the go-getters are remembered when they pass away, but it’s the go-givers who are missed. 

- Aamir Ayubi