10 October 2010

A Tribute to Salman Khan

I have practically lived on movies. They have always been part of my staple diet since gaining consciousness. I see all kinds of movies, but since the last few years, I prefer watching ‘sensible’ cinema, especially Bollywood films. And when sensible cinema is uttered, there is only one name which comes to our mind immediately, viz. Aamir Khan. I have been an ardent Aamir Khan fan for two reasons, first, his talent and the second that I share my name with the super star.

I have never been a Salman Khan fan. I find him too stiff to be an actor. Acting as well as dancing seems to be an arduous task for our desi ‘mini hulk’. (As he is just 5’9”) I remember watching the 1999 Filmfare awards where he was honored with a Best Supporting Actor award for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Manoj Bajpai was amongst the nominees for his immortal portrayal of Bhiku Mhatre in the cult film Satya. During Salman Khan’s acceptance speech he mentioned that Manoj Bajpai can win another award, but for him it will be very tough in the future. This showed that Salman Khan was aware of his shortcoming in the acting department. The only film to be an exception where he genuinely performed well and received critical acclaim was Tere Naam. (Salman Khan made me cry in this film. Usually when he cries on screen, I tend to laugh)

Today I saw Dabanng and Salman Khan has earned a zealous fan in me!

After watching Dabanng, I realized the Salman Khan aura. Why he has so many fans? Because he is what he is! That’s all I could think of.

His imperfect ‘bhaiyya’ dialect, his poor dialogue delivery, his super stiff dance, his Rajnikanth inspired Ray Ban exploits, all made me jump out of the seat and clap for him. His imperfections were appearing so perfect for Chulbul ‘Robinhood’ Pandey! Throughout the film my eyes were fixed on him. Yes, even during Munni Badnaam and even when the traditional looking beauty Sonakshi Sinha shared screen space with our Salman Khan.

I have never felt anything like this before!

When I watch an Aamir Khan film, I’m watching a Rancho, or a Bhuvan or a Nikumbh. But during Dabanng, it was SALMAN KHAN throughout!

Maybe it’s his imperfection. Maybe it’s his style. Maybe it’s his characteristic.

Now I know what it is to be a Salman Khan fan. Cheers to our Sallu bhai!

P.S.: The script for a prequel as well as a sequel to Dabanng is ready. I really hope both of them are made. I can’t wait to see Pandey-ji once again in action. Kamaal kartein hain Pandey ji.


  1. I beg to differ..... Salman's acted really well before his pre-Ash phase...Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was his last best film.... haven't seen Dabangg ...so can't comment on that..!! But still,liking a murderer, somehow doesn't go down well with me..!!

  2. Kamaam karte ho yaar....
    yahaan aadmi talent mein imperfection ki baat kar raha hai aur tum Murder ghusa rahi ho....
    By the way just wanted to ask if 'one of your best friend would commit a crime as sincere as murder' would you stop loving him...just a thought.., no hard feelings for Nupur....I respect you as an individual....but this thing i couldn't stand....sorry Aamir no comments for you because you are just exhibiting your happiness after watching Dabanng....Kamaal Karte ho Yaar....

  3. Sounds weird, but yes, there would be some serious strain in my relation with my friend were he/she to murder someone....even if that someone was an animal...! But that's me. Unfortunately I don't have a short term memory like others in our country do.....

  4. @Nupur: Its a guy thing maybe..
    Also I said critically acclaimed...so HDDCS did not generate critical acclaim for Salman Khan, Tere Naam did!

  5. aamir u knw me... jus saw u wrote somethin on salman bhai so had 2 come n see... :)
    If u guys knw bout him... he has done a lot more good den harm in his life... if u really knw bout him he has done a lot for people... jus cuz he's not lik others 2 do it publicly in front of media jus for some stupid publicity...
    and bout his acting... its jus d Aura around him... he doesnt need to do a dance or act greatly... his presence does it all... :)
    kamaal karte ho yaar!!!

  6. This is the final straw... I have to watch Dabbang!

  7. @Arshat: Yes. Do watch it. A word of advice though, if I may.
    Kindly switch off the common sense button to thoroughly enjoy the movie ;)