25 October 2010

Political Parties - A Joke

Off late a dear friend, Mihir, is getting a bit perturbed about my constant rants on a political party called Shiv Sena (SS). Let me clarify that I don’t intent to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

So, this is for all of the readers. I don’t hate the SS in particular. I don’t hate any political party. It would be really tough for anyone to believe it, but I usually don’t hate people or anything. There’s only one person that I have managed to ‘hate’ and that is ‘myself’, for acting moronic regularly and screwing around other people’s happiness quite regularly, mistakenly off course!

It’s just that with my new found perspective, I find all the political parties jocular. It’s better to laugh about stuff than to be angry.

The SS has been hogging the media limelight in the past few weeks regularly and has taken the ‘top of mind’ position in the grey matter inside my cranial cavity. So it got obvious that most of my chatter was about this one party. I’ll ensure that if any of my upcoming posts features a political party, I gave due respect to all and babble on equally, not just any one party. (But somehow the SS has become the pet peeve of Mumbaikars, so maybe I gave them the extra coverage)

The Congress has proved itself as a gaffe prone party courtesy the Delhi CWG 2010 whereas I try to find gaffes for other parties and try to look at them in a jovial light.

Hope you like what you read, if not share my enthusiasm.


  1. No, not perturbed because of the inclusion of SS in your posts. It is correct what you write and even I share your sentiments.

    My comment on your last post was about the one point, that's all.

    It is a rare gift indeed to find some humor in dark times and times are definitely dark with what all the parties are doing and I wish I can read more of it from you.

  2. well for one thing...neither of u has changed in the last 5 years

  3. @Amit: hahahahaha...i know...i take that as a compliment
    @Mihir- :P

  4. @Aamir: wht does :P mean? i knw it's a smiley but wht does it mean?