09 October 2010

The Jinx of the 18th.

Right now Im waiting in a lobby of a company which has made me a job offer.

Suddenly I thought of my previous interviews I had given before finally landing a job. During my 4th semester I was convinced that I'm made for marketing research, so I decided to sit for every marketing research firm that came to campus.

18th February 2010 - Nielsen. Qualitative Research Profile.
18th March 2010 - Synovate.
18th June 2010 - Nielsen. This time ARC Analyst.

Yes! As the title suggests, the date was jinxed, I didn't get selected for any of them. (Thankfully)

Weird, isn't it?


  1. hmmm....interesting, what were ur short comings plz guide me coz even i wanna get into Research.

  2. So whr r u goin 4 an interview on 18th october to get rejected.... :P :P

  3. @Nashfi: Anytime bro..I'm just a phone call away!

    @Divya: Never on the 18th now :P