03 January 2011

Things To Do Before The World Ends In 2012

We are very close to 2012. According to the beliefs of the Mayans or the people of the Maya civilization, there would be a cataclysmic event on December 21, 2012, which is said to be the end date of a 5,125 year long cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar. It suggests that the world would end on 21st December 2012! Hollywood produced a film on the subject with a very obvious name - 2012. 

Wow, so it means we have less than two years to live. Even if anyone is lame enough to believe this, what should they do? Here's a list of suggestions.
  • Take maximum possible loans and splurge the money on traveling,cars, luxurious pursuits, etc. (When the world ends, the banks too would perish, so no need to worry about EMIs)
  • Quit your jobs and do what you always wanted to do
  • If you already are a multi-millionaire or a multi-billionaire, become a philanthropist now. Start with ME :p
  • Go and spit on the faces of people who bugged you. (I suggest do this during the last week before the apocalypse, they will be ok about the whole thing!)
  • Start a fight, get into a fight and finish the fight
  • Steal a car, wear a seatbelt and go on rampage banging every obstacle on the road, excluding humans and strays. AWESOME fun ;)
  • Do some illegal stuff
  • The boy/girl next door or on the bus or in the train or in your office or anywhere whom you secretly like, go and tell him/her that you are head over heels over him/her
  • Get Laid
  • Get Laid as much as possible ;)
  • People of the 'Boring Kind', go for a spiritual pilgrimage
  • Yeah, wear completely wacky clothes. So wacky that Lady Gaga would think, now why didn't I think of that!
  • Get a Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone and start a cult where Steve Jobs is made a god and the religion is called Apple :)
  • Whether you're fat or a supermodel, binge without a reason. Let the gyms shut shop
  • Thank every single person who believed in you
  • The people who said that you are a failure and cannot make in life, go out and find them, and do either of the two - Forgive them or Tell them you feel sorry for them
  • Guys - Pee from the terrace of a really tall building
  • Girls in the building - close your windows if you see unexpected drizzle :p
  • Gatecrash, in a crowd of thousands, when the Parliament is session. And do what you always wanted to do as citizens. (I think I know what we would do!)
  • Gatecrash every possible hi-profile party on the planet
  • DANCE anywhere and everywhere 
  • Find some one and fall in love. Sweeeeet!
  • Throw your TV sets out of the balcony
  • Disconnect from the internet, especially facebook and connect with real people
  • Vegans and vegetarians, please eat meat. We don't wanna waste so much sumptuous meat on apocalypse day :p
  • Remember GOD
  • If you're an atheist, ask for forgiveness from GOD and join some religion you moron because all religions have a ticket to heaven ;)
  • Spend Dec 21, 2012 with your parents and your loved ones.
I'm sure you would have few more dozens, ADD them in the comments section. 


  1. u forgot one
    kill a scientologist!

  2. Aamir: I am really confused. But have you confused 2011 with 2012? Because we are still in 2011 and there's still almost 2 years till the apocalypse. So your first sentence - "So it's 2012" should actually be - "So it's 2011".

  3. Find some one and fall in love. Sweeeeet!
    Did I just see Barney become Ted???

  4. @MiG: My bad, I rectified, thanks :)

    @Nupur: hahahaha...u wish...

  5. @Aamir: Dude are you high on something? You have still not rectified the first sentence! When you do that, you will need to modify the first paragraph as well.

  6. Amazing thought!!!! i especially likes "Find some one and fall in love" and "Gatecrash Parliament"

    But any ways i feel that i will follow majority of these even if the world is not ending in 2012!!

    *Lemme start with taking loans*

  7. @MiG: I dunno man, I guess I was high on being lethargic..hehe...spent a lazy new year :P

    @Shagufta: If you're going to take loans do that next year ;)

  8. I liked it, especially the Barney part of it...
    But what if it's all farce....
    I mean you are gonna put a lot of people through shit if they believed in you...
    are you getting my point???

  9. Ya know all those checks the credit card companies send ............... ? Yep!