21 January 2011

A Beautiful Antithesis.

A few days ago, on GTalk , I was chatting with Faiz, my friend from Rizvi Academy of Management. In general we were grumbling about our jobs. (That’s our favourite past time…all the friends….hehehehe)

Now, Faiz is a very funny guy and is know as an ever jovial fellow. Rarely serious type kind of guy.

Our conversation was wavering from jobs to work life and ambition and hobbies, etc. etc. At the end of our conversation Faiz mentioned something and I want to leave you all with the intense thought he shared.

The words haven’t left my mind and probably will stay with me for a long time because it is philosophical, yet realistic. A beautiful anti-thesis!

Guzar aur guzaarish mein kitna fark hai!

(There’s such a difference between what we have/go through and what we desire!)

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