10 January 2011

Thank God !!!

This New Year started at a very good note for me.

On the 8th January, It was my MBA convocation and all of us at the institute were bestowed with our diplomas. I stood third in my batch in my specialization and surprisingly, was awarded the Best Student of the institute award, which I shared with another worthy batch mate. The final lap of my academic journey ended on a high note.

I never won any accolades in my life, despite being a good student and a decent person. This was a welcome gesture by God. Thanks BIG GUY! *wink*

The people who know me or think they know me have this assumption that I am a very bright fellow. The assumption is true. Hehehehe… Jokes apart, yes I’m a seemingly bright, happy-go-lucky guy but whatever little I have achieved is without any apparent hard work. These achievements are in terms of my personality, and social credentials in the form of academics and bare minimum social skills. It’s quite less but, hey, at least there is something on the platter. I have existed in the society without any difficulty and hardships.

I really need to thank God and his representatives below ;) , in the form of parents, to take care of this kid who fails to acknowledge God’s support.

Upon introspection, I have come to the conclusion that I haven’t taken enough risks and never listened to my gut. Fear has been my bad company and is slowly taking control of my ship. That’s why I have not achieved what I’m truly capable of. But I think everything happens for a reason.  

The aim for this year is to conquer my fears and find my passion.

Here I am, praying to Him to help me and all of us to find our paths. Amen. And most importantly keep thanking God for being there and watching over us, in spite of our ungratefulness.


  1. I will just say this. I sincerely hope that this is not the end of your academic journey.