17 January 2011

How To Create Luck.

How Can You Get ‘Lucky’?

Luck can be ‘created’! Don’t think that everyone can win the jackpot lottery. That is just pure luck-by-chance or ‘dumb luck’. The luck which can be ‘created’ is something different. It is when you are at the right place at the right time and with the right person when luck can be created. It is circumstantial. When you are at the right place at the right time and with the right person, you may get an opportunity upon which if you may act, will lead you to a path which may make you happy or you may gain something fruitful, and in retrospect, you’ll say, “I got lucky”!

Want to know how. Let me give you some examples from my life.
  • In 2003 (right time)I took admission in Smt. MMK College (right place) to pursue BMS. During that time I was a shy teenager and on the first day was looking around for people I could befriend. Mihir (right person) was the first person who looked at me in the eye and smiled. I smiled back (Action/Interest) and we got talking. This is how I gained a best friend for Life. He teaches me a lot by sharing his experiences and has broadened my world view and contributed immensely to my personality. I have a better learned man as my best friend. I GOT LUCKY!
  • After graduation, one of my friends, Sonil, got a freelancing writing job. He (right person) called me and asked if I’d be interested. I replied in the positive. (Action) This is how I got my first job ever as a freelance journalist and more importantly stumbled upon my hidden talent of writing. I GOT LUCKY!
  • In 2008, I missed the MBA MH-Common Entrance Test (right time). A friend (right person) told me about Rizvi Institute of Management Studies (right place). I applied (Action) for the autonomous PGDBM course and got through on merit. I GOT LUCKY!
  • In 2008, my cousin Mustafa graduated and wanted to pursue MBA in Mumbai. I told him (right person) about Rizvi Institute of Management Studies. (right place) He applied and got through on merit. In this course of time I befriended (Action) him by breaking all the awkward ice between us and my cousin became my best friend. My brother is my best friend. I GOT LUCKY!
  • An acquaintance of a Professor (right person) told him about an opening for a business writer in a company. He remembered that I used write. In April 2010, during placement season, (right time) he told me about the job. I went for the interview (Action) and got selected. That’s how I landed up my first job. I GOT LUCKY!
The above events of my life may seem insignificant to the reader, but the magnitude of these events do not matter to explain the concept that I’m insinuating. The important thing is to note that had I not been in the right place at the right time and with the right person, my luck would have been different! YOU & me, yes, WE could have never been acquainted! Let me elucidate the above list.

Had I not skipped my 2002 HSC exams, I might have taken admission in the same college but I wouldn’t have met Mihir! But, I passed in 2003, got admitted to Smt. MMK College on the last day of admission and that’s how luck transpired!

Had I not acted on Sonil’s offer, I wouldn’t have been writing THIS and YOU wouldn’t have been reading this!

Had I not missed my Entrance exam and been in Rizvi, I wouldn’t have had the wonderful experiences of making friends, a family member as a best friend and my first job would have been different!

So how can you create luck? What is the difference between a lucky and not-so-lucky person? I’m quite convinced that there is a lot of difference.
  1. The simple differentiator is taking ‘interest in the other person’! 
I took interest in the other person and that’s how it led me to various ‘achievements’. There must be a deep intellectual curiosity that one must have, or need to cultivate.

We must have the humility to be interested in more people and the above illustrated luck will come our way. 


  1. I like it. Very nicely written.

  2. id like to add with my experience is that:
    if u really want something, ull work hard to get it, when u work hard to get it u r in the process of creating u r own luck...and probably this is the easiest way of doing it
    right time/ place etc are again a matter of chance/ the probability of something falling in place readily for u may not really happen when u most need it