24 October 2010

Who Am I......???

I was just thinking the multiple roles we play in our daily lives subscribing to particular cliques due to some commonality we all share. How playing these roles have fucked us up even more as individuals as we have lost our true identity and are all part of some herd! What I mean by this is that we quickly become a part of some random group because we have some trait or own some common thing or the likes. 

Do we really know what we truly are?

Just listing down some of my herd titles!
  • I'm an Asian
  • I'm an Indian
  • I'm a Maharashtrian
  • I'm a Bombay-ite (Screw the SS, I won't call my self a Mumbaikar)
  • I'm a suburban-ite becasue I stay in Andheri.
  • I'm a male
  • I'm a 'straight' male
  • I'm a Muslim
  • I'm a Sunni Muslim
  • I'm an Aquarian
  • I'm an Ayubi 
  • I'm a HMPS-ite (School HMPS)
  • I'm an MMK-ite (College)
  • I'm a Rizvi-ite (B-School)
  • I'm a PG-A guy of 2008-10 batch at Rizvi
  • I'm a Marketing 
  • I'm a Nokia guy
  • I'm a Honda bike guy
  • I'm a Maruti Suzuki guy
  • I'm a Shah Rukh Khan's acting hater
  • I'm a Shah Rukh Khan's achievement lover
  • I'm an Aamir Khan admirer
  • I'm a Johnny Depp follower
  • I'm a Hollywood lover
  • I'm a Bollywood lover
  • I'm part of 'x' company
  • I'm a Dell guy
  • I'm a Sony (TV) guy
  • I'm a Brut Guy
  • I'm a Pepe guy
  • I'm a Jockey guy
  • I'm a Whirlpool guy
  • I'm an omnivore who doesn't eat pork
  • I'm myopic
  • I'm a brown guy
The above list was made in less than 5 minutes. If I sit for another hour the list, I'm sure it would run a few more bullet points. 

The point is we would not battle an eyelid to be part of some group. If there are 5 people sitting and 4 of them own a Nokia phone, they would screw the one guy who owns, say, a Samsung. Same way we are 'straight' and wouldn't mind killing a 'homosexual's' happiness!

So, do we know who we really are? Can you ask that question and come up with an original answer where you alone belong?



  1. Screw you blog writers....I am a Blog reader...
    Ha ha...I dunno why i wrote that...but i don't want to remove it...

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  3. Interesting blog. Recently, I have seen your anger against the SS coming through in full-throttle. Even in an unrelated blog post you felt like linking it to the SS.

    I am sure you know this Aamir, but it seems like because of your anger against the SS, you seem to forget why Mumbai should be Mumbai and not Bombay.

    People call it Bombay just because they are used to calling it that. They do not care if they call it Mumbai or Bombay because obviously they have no understanding of the reason. They do not feel any sense of belonging or oneness with the city or its culture. If they had understood what the culture is or felt a part of it, then even they would have felt uncomfortable when a part of your culture is not respected. Their only concern is to come to Mumbai and earn money, all else be damned!

    Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city but there is no reason why somebody should disregard the culture here and do whatever they feel like. I am sure these same people wouldn't do the same things in Chennai, Bengaluru or Kolkata.

  4. @MIG: you got me right there. I dnt intend to do any harm as my philosophy has been 'live and let live'
    you also know i can never hate a particular community as i'm not naive, i can't say for other people.
    You have never hurt me anytime, EVER! So get that guilty conscience out, if you have any.
    The MOST IMPORTANT POINT....It's not my angst against SS...I now have cultivated a thought that all political parties are funny if you have a different perspective, and SS is leading the gag race (gaffe race has been won by Congress, courtest CWG 2010 ;)) One post was angry, rest all were in a comic light.

    Be rest assured there will be plenty of political party bashing in future, if I write abt it. It's just that the SS has been hogging the limelight recently for numerous reasons. So, it's 'top of the mind'!
    Jo dikhta hai woh biktaa hai naa! Hehe..
    Hope i answered your doubts

  5. btw, wht is the 'x' company? r u a mutant or something? u shud attend the xavier's academy....wht say?

  6. @Mihir: Sssssshhhhhhh.....!!! Don'y you know that I am a ...............

  7. nice blog..v generally try to relate ourselves with things by which people can acknowledge us in a better way. But we forget that those things are nothing but the make up that v put on our face. the real face always remain hidden.