19 October 2010

Quarter Life Crisis

You get up everyday just to drag yourself out to earn few pennies. Everyday you ask yourself "what am I doing with my Life?" When someone asks you in an interview where do you see yourself 5 years from now, you want to tell them, "I don't know where I'll be in the next 5 days and you're asking me about 5 years!" 

The work you do is not what you signed up for! You're scared to start at the bottom of the pyramid. You're sunk in deep self-doubt and feel you've lost the uber-confidence that you once had. 

You want to understand what you want and what you don't, but you really don't know how to differentiate when offered an option; whether it is what you want or what you don't!

You find what others are doing and judging yourself a bit too harshly. You have realized that you have a few boundaries. Life is indeed challenging. 

You feel scared about the future and at times you do feel alone. You've never been more confused in your life. EVER!

You want to stay in the comforts of the past with known faces. 

You worry everyday about the race of life, about loans and house, about cars and insurance, about getting married and having kids, about giving them a perfect life and making a life for yourself and emerging a winner. 

You re-evaluate all your interpersonal relationships time and again.

Sometimes you feel the need to have sex everyday and at times you decide to take a vow of celibacy!

You feel you're not close to your friends anymore! You have started to live in your head.

Nostalgia is the source of all your happiness.

Suddenly, everybody else, even the 'biggest loser' you know in your life seems to be doing better than you.

You're secure, then feel insecure, then again secure and then again insecure and this is a constant cycle!

A lot of you will relate to few of the above words or maybe all or maybe you want to add some more. Welcome to QUARTER LIFE CRISIS.

We are in the best of our times and also the worst of our times. We all are trying hard to figure this out hoping that this storm passes away soon!



  1. totally agree
    the problem is that almost all of us always dreamt of doing something and ended up doing the complete opposite...this is a fact hard to accept and hence is one of the major hurdles to cross in the quarter life crisis...
    human nature has an integral part of it which makes one to strive to get wht u perceive is good for u, to the point where one is ready to struggle for years together.
    in my understanding, the day u accept the path that u have unwillingly ended up in and try to make it better things automatically just fall in place...
    for all of it just look at our parents, they faced the same situation that we face today and look at where they still managed to get us...
    there's this one quote i really love from kung fu panda
    "one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it..."

  2. You seem to be PMSing!!!! I got a good way of putting a guy's quarter life crisis..... it's your turn to PMS,I guess!!! Finally, now, guys will understand how difficult it is for us every month.....you just have to suffer from this every quarter of a century!!!

    Anyways, enough of feminism,I'll tell you what.... I agree with you. One reason I thought of doing MBA was to clear my confusion about what i want to do in life....but I think, MBA has just exacerbated the entire scenario!!! Guess,its this age and the excessive clutter of info going in our heads that's creating all this unwanted confusion...!!

  3. @ Nupur: I just noticed that I never mentioned MBA there, but yet you mentioned it! Guess that's a part of this problem too..hehe..
    This is PMS of the mental kind ..i guess...

    @Amit: This is a phase I'm sure... a tough one indeed for all!

  4. MBA is the root cause of all problems!!!!!!
    P.S: I'm sleep deprived since the past 3 days, sitting on a pile of 5 undone presentations to be done in this week!!

  5. @Nupur: I think you're right !!!!!
    5 undone presentations is not as bad as Quarter Life Crisis or PMS...hehe !!!

  6. PMS!!! hahahahaaaaaa......too good Nupur, i think the guys should experience PMS atleast once, just to understand what we girls go through...

    Aamir...enough of you giving me gyaan...

    i had no idea about half of the problems you mentioned above...but now thanks to you i will have my ,mind dwelling on those problems as well..

    But must a good post...Quarter Life Crisis.!!

  7. @Shagufta: I'm not giving gyaan. It's something that probably you would feel after 5-6 months of working..I suggest after one year, come back to this post and read it. I'm sure you'd relate to it! :)

  8. Perfecto. And the recent events in my life have only been accelerating the so-called 'Mid-Life Crisis'

  9. Rightly said my dear friend. Very true indeed! Can't say more for you have already said what was in my mind. Kudos to your ability in understanding your mind and putting it in words!