17 October 2010

Mallika Sherawat to star in - Love, Gandhi


Mallika Sherawat has announced to star in a sequel to Love, Barack. The title is ‘Love, (Rahul) Gandhi with the lead pair wrapped up in the Indian National Flag.

As soon as the posters were put up, there was a furore. This correspondent captured the best sentiments amongst all.

  • A women's group came ahead "Mallika Sherawat, Haay Haay! Kapde utaar ke desh ki chaadar, nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi!! Haay-haay Haay-haay".
  • Mallika was served a legal notice by a PIL guy. He said, "Mallika Sherawat has got no right to use the national flag as her bed sheet! We'll sue her. Besides if she uses it as a sheet, why are her legs out? Had her legs been covered, we wouldn't have taken legal action!”
  • A political party in Mumbai takes out a morcha and tears the posters on the wall. They tear the posters off the multiplex. Vandalize the property. Shout slogans in her building compound and burn her effigy with a poster of Emraan Hashmi!!! A party worker says, "It’s all because of Emraan Hashmi! If he hadn't kissed Mallika in Murder, her first film, she wouldn't have dared to be a bombshell! The correspondent corrects him by saying Khwahish was her first film with 17 kisses! He says, "We don't care. Along with her, Emraan Hashmi is answerable. Also the entire Mahesh Bhatt clan!!!!!  We're doing it in the interest of the state. We demand that the name of the film is changed and our leaders name is in the title and our party's flag is used as a bed sheet! Why should Gandhi get the free publicity? He is already famous! We have to toil to be in the news every now and again. Vandalizing property is so passe, we want to be 'innovative' now!"
  • Rajat Sharma calls Mallika in his channel's court room and questions her, "Aap pe janata ka yeh aarope hai...
  • Censor Board is questioned how could they allow the producers to go ahead with an "offensive" poster? Censor Chief Sharmila Tagore and the entire board, goes ‘underground’!!!
  • Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan are offended because he can't meet his mother! Kareena Kapoor says, "I hate Mallika for what she has made our family go through!"
  • The producers change the poster and replace the Indian Flag with a plain white silk bed sheet with a written permission from the "Silk Producers' Association of India" and the "White Colour's Meaning Manual Committee for Not Offending The White Colour Lovers"!!!
The film is expected to open to packed houses in the entire country.
  • Mallika Sherawat maybe signed as the host of Bigg Boss 5.
  • Mallika Sherawat may get a 'special' Filmfare award for her bravado.
  • Rahul Gandhi may call up Mallika Sherawat for a dinner party hosted in her 'honour'. The entire political world might appreciate her 'acting skills'. 
  • The Congress Party may offer her a ticket for Rohtak, Haryana; her home town. She might win the election and become an Indian MP.

Now tell me, which other country can have so much fun over a film's poster. WE'RE LIKE THIS ONLY!!! ;)


  1. @Nupur: Really? I thought it was Ok..hehe..

  2. I love it Aamir; one of your most entertaining posts.

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