31 December 2010

What Did You Do In 2010?

Here it is. We are at yet another new year’s eve. We all are looking forward to partying. And this is the time where we make resolutions for the coming year. It’s a different case altogether that most of us fail to follow it.
I thought of no resolutions as such because I never follow any resolutions. So, this time I decided to do something different which is measurable.

What did I do in 2010?
  • Completed my MBA
  • Made new friends and acquaintances. This is important because prior to my MBA, I had very few friends and no acquaintances at all. And I collected these gems only during the last few months of MBA.
  • Got a job
  • Purchased a bike
  • Let go off a few people. And after they left, I realized that they weren’t friends, but just acquaintances.
  • Read the Quran’s translation.
  • Started blogging. Personally speaking, this is the most gratifying personal achievement.
  • Started consuming knowledge and information from the internet. Prior to this year, I just read newspapers and a few books. But, internet has been a new fountainhead of knowledge for me.
  • Spent a hell lot of time watching sitcoms. Saw ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and still watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’. (This may really be not an achievement but a waste of time. For me it’s an achievement because for once in my Life I wanted to watch an entire series in it’s entirety)         
  • Converted family to friends. My younger brother Saaquib is much cool with me now. I think the ice has melted between the awkward elder brother – younger brother relationship. Shortly, the ice will be broken. And Mustafa, my cousin, now, is a friend first.
You see, the problem I’m facing here is, that I have very few concrete or measurable things to put down as achievements. This has made me very, very uncomfortable. I’m thinking, I need to be ANSWERABLE to Myself. I have to do better. Even though I have made no New Year resolutions, in my mind I know what needs to be accomplished in the coming year.

We all are a bit hesitant to speak out of our achievements because we may not want to sound snobbish. Equally we would not like the world to know where we lack and where all did we screw up.

I say, make your own list and share it with your friends. See you soon.