20 December 2010

The Fortnight That Wasn't

Okay. It has been 2 weeks that I've not blogged. Is that why I'm cranky off late? Maybe!

So the last fortnight was nothing great. Why? Because I have been PMS-ing. (Nupur said this, I liked so I'm using the word) Male PMSing is mental/emotional compared to females' physical/emotional.

Every few weeks I get weird thoughts about this thing called career which we all are trying to 'make'. A stupid illusion!

So I'm thinking, what am I doing? Is it the right thing I'm doing? Should I continue with what I'm doing? Should I change? Should I look around? So many shoulds, woulds, what ifs and whys, that I don't want to mention a lot.

A good things happened last fortnight. I wasn't Career PMS-ing alone! There were 2 other very dear people who were Career PMS-ing like me, viz, my cousin Mustafa and my best friend Mihir.

It's a good thing because I wasn't alone in my cribbing. I had to rant out my frustrations and so did these 2 gentlemen. So I did what I was supposed to do; met them.

Spent half a quality day with Mustafa over Domino's Double Cheese Burst pizza and a lot of talking and a lot of silence. (It's a guy thing, you know, if 2 men are sitting and not talking, it's as good as they are listening to each other. Telepathy!)

And on a Tuesday, met Mihir late evening. Had an awesome KFC bucket, with Mihir reminiscing  his experiences in the USA. Learnt a few interesting things about food. (What else!) Then a lot of career talks which lead me to an interesting experience.

Mihir told me that he had visited his family friend, a lady, for a tarot consultation. And like any other new thing waiting to be tried, I visited her along with Mihir.

I must say, it was a pleasant experience. Tarot cards don't predict your future, they are like a guidance tool. One has to ask a specific question and then pull a card and the tarot card reader will interpret the card for you. I went as a skeptic and returned, convinced. Convinced, because most of the readings were true to a large extent. And trust me, the damn cards speak!

Over all it was a new experience and if one is open to trying new things, it should be fun.

I'm not rejuvenated or anything, but I'm back to blogging. Cheers!

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