03 November 2010

TV Is For Dumbasses - Are You One?

"I'm so excited!", "It's gonna be fun now!", "Yeah! the Twins are back!" are some of the exclamations I noticed as Raghu and his other bald identical twin are back on MTV Roadies.

Why do some people love watching loser participants who get high on expletives, constant bitching, and  some dumb fuck 'tasks' that creates a false illusion of adventure? There are so many morons in the whole country who remember names of the winners of all the seasons as if it were the list of past prohphets of humanity! Ask these people about their family trees and there's a high probabilty they won't have a clue. But if you ask them which Chutiya 'winner'  won which task, they would have an instant response.

Apart from the 'tasks', is it the rudeness of the participants towards each other combined with the beeped out expletives spoken by Raghu, the TRP grabbers?

Sample this.

Raghu (to participants): Would you like to wish luck to Pappu?
Bunty: All the best Pappu. Do well.
Raghu: Bunty you dumb fuck (beep)! Chutiya (beep) hai tu, saale agar woh jeet gaya to tujhe ghantaa aage badhnay milega. Are you a fucking (beep) saint?
Bunty: Visibly perturbed. (Acting scared as if someone caught him humping his neighbour!)

WTF!!! All I feel is that when the stupidity is evident, why the beep (:D) does the viewer wants to make an ass of himself by watching a band of wannabes and a foul mouthed host.  Are people so fond of voyeurism?

And then, I stumbled on the precise answer from marketing / management guru, Seth Godin.

"The thing is, watching TV has its benefits. It excuses you from the responsibility of having an informed opinion about things that matter. It gives you shallow opinions or false 'facts' that you can easily parrot to others that watch what you watch. It rarely unsettles our carefully self-induced calm and isolation from the world."

The striking words above were part of one of Seth Godin's post on his blog. Please read the entire post for getting a perspective.

Although there is no novelty in his post and my words too, but it again re-iterates in a polite manner, that "Morons, get a life! Stop watching dumb shows on TV and do something productive with your time!"


  1. But roadies is better than other shows! Atleast 5.0 was!

  2. @Nupur: I dunno! I find it mindless...

  3. it is.....but it's the lesser of all evils!

  4. Hey man,

    Thanks a lot for going through my blog and leaving comments! Really appreciate your time, dude!

  5. @Nupur: Evil is evil..there's no degree to it.. a murderer who kills one person is as bad as a guy (say Hitler) who commits mass genocide!
    u dont need to drink one whole bottle of poison to die..one tablespoon is enough :P :P

  6. Roadies was fun until Raghu started abusing and insulting for fun or 'trp' sake...