09 November 2010

What Happened? Did Your Balls Drop Off?

You need to stay safe so you wear seat belts when you ride a car. You buy a house for the security of your own place. You get a job to secure steady inflow of income. You buy insurance because you don’t know how your family will cope up when you pass away.

From the moment we gain consciousness to the moment we die, we want to stay secured and safe. Why are the majority of human beings so inclined to being safe?

The question to ask ourselves is, “Are we really safe?”

We tie down ourselves  in the garb of security. We have been enslaved by security.

We restrict ourselves to do something what we are truly capable of. Just rewind to the time when we were kids. We took great risk when we learnt to walk. Do you have any idea how many thousand times you must have fallen to walk your first wobbly walk? Do you remember how many bruises you earned in your endeavour to run? How many trophy scars you have on your knees when you fell from your initial cycle ride without the side support? These are just a few examples to illustrate that we took great risks to learn and grow. I’m sure we all had apprehensions when we took the first cycle ride. But were your fathers or brothers or friends always running next to you to catch you, if you may fall? I’m sure the answer for most of us is, NO.

Why then, do we grow up to be so scared and hardly live up to our true human potential? Why do we believe in the naysayers and perfect ourselves in our flawless illusion of our ‘secured’ shells?

I often ask myself the greatest question which the Joker in The Dark Knight asks the mobsters conducting a meeting in closed quarters as they are afraid of the Batman, “What happened? Did your balls drop off?”

No matter how badly we want to answer a loud NO to the above question, but sadly the answer is YES! We all grow up to be too scared to try new things. We all are victims of security.

The answer that some of us may have is, “It’s risky to do this” or “What would happen if…” or “What would they think” and so on. We start weighing everything and choose options where there is some certainty involved. When there is extreme uncertainty of favorable results, we shy away taking that path.

When we learn to walk as toddlers we are 100% uncertain, only the grown ups watching us knew that sooner or later we’ll surely walk. Rising from the floor crawling level to the reach the phenomenal point of the standing level was an extremely uncertain act of courage for all of us. It’s just that when we grow up, we forget everything and the world around us conditions us quite negatively.

We start looking at every action’s results even before attempting it and as a result fail to act!!!

Why am I talking about it? I’ll answer metaphorically, yet again, in the words of the Joker.

Yes! The balls did drop off! I realized and admit it because I want to be the man (human) I was meant to be!

What Happened ???

P.S.: What I've posted is nothing new. Just felt that we all, still, have a chance. It's never too late!


  1. A good title is all you need to get people to read your blog post. This title absolutely kicks ass. So does the post.

  2. u become risk averse primarily to avoid any harm to the ones you love...and out of love as well
    and it is in nature to make life comfortable for him / herself and others...
    but wht i do agree is the fact that we overstreach the cautiousness and hamper our own prospects!!!

  3. @Rushabh: I agree that the title of the post was awesome! But i feel the post is just about Ok.

    @Amit: You are bang on :)

  4. I do Risk Management for a living :P