25 November 2010

Making Babies is India's Prime Time.

On 20th November 2010, I read this small article in Times of India in the international section. I found it to be completely hilarious. No Indian needs to conduct a scholarly research to know that sooner or later Britain will be brown, and whites will be the fearful minority.

I say, the Britons called this wrath upon themselves. They should have never invaded India at the first place.

Yes, they ruled over us for over a couple of centuries. We had 100 Indians for 1 Briton yet we shoo-ed them away only after a couple of centuries. Had we squashed them like mosquitoes with our bare hands, we wouldn’t have had to wait for two fucking hundred years to reclaim our own land! We were a complacent lot and probably still are. But look at the flipside, had we shoo-ed them away earlier, we wouldn’t have had a Gandhi. And no Gandhi means our currency would have adorned some Maharaja or would have been without a hero. There would have been no posthumous Nobel peace prize for the man and most importantly Lage Raho Munna Bhai wouldn’t have been possible! Hehehe…

Sorry I drifted away from the topic of discussion! Let’s get back…

You see, a couple of centuries easily translate to at least 6 generations of any family. Over 6 generations of Indians’ happiness was fucked by the goraa people.  When the British left, they took everything from us and we were very angry. We had nothing to entertain ourselves with. So we started to have sex merrily. It was free entertainment! (I’m assuming only married couples here :p) We had so much sex that I can say – Making Babies became India’s Prime Time Entertainment. (and still is I guess; considering the rate we’re growing)

The case of our population was like a glass filled incessantly up to the brim and dripping continuously. And when the water overflows and falls from the glass, it spreads on the floor. The world became our floor and we started migrating everywhere. Without any scholarly research I can say that, you can find an Indian wherever you find a cockroach. Hehehe… Like cockroaches, Indians are survivors and master adapters.

We were angry that they looted us for two centuries and we couldn’t kill them even when they could have been easily outnumbered. We wanted REVENGE! Mahabharata says that revenge is the purest emotion. But revenge need not be violent. Being the students of Gandhi, we knew that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

So, we took revenge by going to Britain and fuck their happiness by doing what we do best. HAVING SEX!!! We fucked amongst us and fucked them!  And look where we have reached. Over 25% of Britain is ‘brown’ today and I’m sure we’ll be a majority before the estimated year, 2066. 

Goraas ruled over many countries but only we screwed them. You don't mess with the Indians!!! 

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