05 July 2011

Miss Those Days...

Miss Those Days...

When I slept without thoughts
When I woke up with a smile
When I played in the sun
When I ran in the rains
When I loved school
When I hated holidays
When I never knew what worry was
When worry was just a word in the dictionary
When I never fretted what the world would think
When I didn't need to explain my actions
When I lived for 'today'
When tomorrow was the next 'today' I eagerly waited for
When things were simpler
When nobody had an agenda
When pocket money was always enough; always
When sailing boats in the gutter was the best thing in the world
When the word 'sex' meant gender
When going to the park was the 'greatest desire'  
When I wiped the fallen-on-floor candy with shirt and ate it 
When my friends snatched and ate that fallen-of-floor candy 
When friends were real and just cared for candies
When we all just cared for candies.

When We Were Growing Up
When We Wanted To Be Grown Ups
But We Didn't Know That When We'll Grow Up

(We'll) Miss Those Days...


  1. These are few of the things that came to my mind.. I'm sure we miss a lot !!!