18 March 2010

What Are The Companies Thinking?

Today I went for an interview at a company called Synovate Research. Before visiting their office, as usual I checked their website. It was interesting. It talked about my favourite word – CURIOSITY.

They said that they are a curious organisation. I got happy. Why? Well I’m inherently a curious fellow at heart. So I thought that the company motto and my life’s motto are similar. My motto is ‘Curiosity is the cure for boredom but there is no cure for curiosity. It is endless. It is what makes us human’.

Anyway, coming back to the interview. Upon reaching there I found out that there is only one test which is administered to everyone, irrespective of their interest in Qualitative or Quantitative Research profiles. Knowing that in a Qualitative profile hardly any number crunching is required, the test seemed absurd! Qualitative profile is based more on the researcher’s communication skills and not how well he calculates standard deviation and multivariate analysis!

So, I knew it was sure that I won’t make it to the next round.

Wish the company had a separate test, so that they could have had a ‘curious’ guy to work for them.
I’m sure they missed a good candidate in me.


  1. Its totally their loss .. i agree :)

  2. I said it dude....dey dnt deserve a brain like you....and after this absurd act they will say tht they haven't found gr8 talent in the country....

  3. Nope!!!! they didnt.... what will a person communicate if he/she doesnt have the medium for communication and here well my dear... the medium is number!!!!!!! So with no offence meant to you or to anybody who didnt make it because they didnt know Quants...well i would just say next time be WELL PREPARED!!!!!!