06 March 2010

Life Is Too Short To Stand And Stare.

Life Is Too Short To Stand And Stare.

This thought can inspire you and also scare you at the same time if you understand its true meaning. It made me think every time I read it. I have a set of quotes which i have saved in my email inbox and keep on getting back to it, time and again. And just like an old bottle of wine or like our good memories, it keeps on getting better with time.

Every time I read the above quote, I think, what if I die today. There are so many things that I want to tell the world. Not that they need to know or it's important for them to hear, but there's more to me than my appearance.

People form an impression about you when they look at you and talk with you. I'm much more than my barely ordinary looks and marginal interactive abilities. I always wanted to contribute to this world. How? By making them think, inspire and sometimes provoke and by entertain them in any fashion up to the best of my abilities.

I have always been an introvert and had few friends. I wanted to touch more than a handful of lives. I never knew how.

Every time I read the quote it made me think, what can you do to spread a little joy of the limited existence on this wonderful planet. I got my answer way back. Tell people stories. Stories from your life, stories that you have heard, stories that make people think, make them smile, make them question, shock them and leave an impression in their minds.

I was always a day-dreamer and still am. I have been fortunate to be exposed to books and movies from very young age. Since early childhood I was allowed to make my own decisions. Some turned out well, some didn't. But the most important achievement in the process was that "I was thinking on my own".

I took to writing some time back and shared it few friends. They liked it and really pushed me to share with my social circle.

So here I am! I will write to entertain you as much as I can. Things that we all see and hear, but never think about.

I know the power of words. Today, I am the man because of the influence of the words I have listened from the people around me while growing up, the words I have read and words I have seen (audio-visual).

Every man has some strength. I choose to believe mine are 'words'. Why because see what a few words made me do? I started writing and I'm loving it (Naaa! I'm not promoting McDonald's here. Lol)

I hope you keep coming back. Even if there is just YOU alone.


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