06 June 2011

Monsoon's Arrival...2011

So I finally arrived in Mumbai on Thursday, 2nd June and caught everyone unaware. And like every year no one was prepared for me. And yet like every year the people thanked me for coming.

There is something magical about my arrival. When I touch people on their heads I can read  their thoughts. And I read this guy's thoughts...

This was after years that he strolled on my arrival without the fear of getting wet. He enjoyed my company like he used to when he was in school. He simply did not care! He was glad that I touched his face. So many times he looked up.

Oh how I loved his smiling face, 
His shoes all wet, he didn't care a damn.

For once he forgot time's race,
And turned a child, from a man.

Also on the other hand there were many who were cursing me for my early arrival. Why is it that the people love me and then hate me as the season progresses? It's not my fault that there are traffic jams, water logging, dilapidated buildings tearing apart, etc.

Blame thyself oh human beings! I bring life with me, and you find devastation in life too...


  1. What a wonderful feeling it is to walk in the rain and reminisce about those times when you were a child when getting drenched was such a joy.....but, these opportunities when you get older are extremely rare.