23 September 2010

The Verdict

Finally the Babri Masjid - Ram Janm Bhoomi verdict will be out sometime in the first week of October.

It doesn't concern me at all as I usually keep myself insulated from political issues, but this one is an exception for me. Why? I just fear that whatever the judgment maybe, it should not affect the common man. To put in vivid words, I have a feeling that some political party with the usual vested agenda might instigate the common (illiterate & emotional) people.

I was just a boy, when the riots took place over the frivolous issue, but nonetheless, the images captured by the media lenses being played over the years at the "demolition anniversary" is very fresh in my mind which haunts me; not because it affected me anyway, but due to the loss of lives of innocent people. I just pray that it MUST NOT BE REPEATED!

A lot has changed since the "event". We have better security and the people today are informed. There are mohalla committees which are maintaining peace in underprivileged neighbourhoods and ghettos. The people are doing their job, fortunately. But I don't trust the system. I have no faith in the judiciary of India. I have no faith in the security of India.

I just pray that everything turns out smooth tomorrow. The common man CANNOT rely on the system. This is not the democracy we voted for!

This is not pessimism, just a view on the reality.


  1. You forgot the main word here....... SECULARISM!!!!

  2. Agree. We all love holidays and sitting at home and not go to college.....but I pray, in the next week, we are not sitting at home watching our country get raped by these idiots!!

  3. @Fareena: I didn't forget it, I didn't include it.

    @Nupur: Unfortunately we can just pray !