26 April 2011

Thank You God For…

  • Giving me parents
  • Blessing called a sibling
  • Giving me life
  • Letting me live till NOW
  • Blessing me with a fantastic working condition human body
  • Never having to struggle for food even a single day
  • A wonderful home
  • My education
  • Giving a mind that is continuing my education and will not cease
  • All the experiences
  • A few, but good friends
  • The teachers that came in my life
  • Keeping me safe from major sins (the minor ones, I don’t blame You ;) hehehe…)
  • A job for sustenance

I don’t know whether you take requests like the local city RJs on the crappy radio stations, but I would be obliged and even more grateful if you just bless me with another thing; then it would read,

Thank you God for… Peace of Mind

[This is a request that the most human kind play on Radio GOD; it surely reaches You, but I think while returning, Your message gets messed up! I hope that when You answer this time, the frequency reaches my channel ;) ] 

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